Cancer Birthstones
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Most brands, both large and bespoke boutiques, are likely to keep zodiac birthstone jewellery. Click here for our reviews on the best jewellery stores in India. The want for rubies today is as fervent as it has always been, with the best quality rubies fetching the highest price per carat of any coloured stones in the market. If your zodiac sign is Cancer, a beautiful ruby trinket is a perfect addition to your jewellery collection.

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Everything about Cancer Birthstones

Search Facebook Instagram. Log in. Cart 0. Love Life, Love Taylor and Vine. Share Facebook Twitter Pinterest Email. Facebook Instagram. This crystal will give them a clearer vision on the daily problems, but it will mainly help them notice the negative attitude of the persons not meant to be around them.

It requires periodic purifications under a stream of cold water and it has to be recharged monthly under the moon rays. Turquoise is one of the oldest semi-precious stones, and its symbolism has a history older than time itself.

How to Pick Out Crystals Using Astrology ♄♂♢

Because of the influence it has on communication and interpersonal relationships, turquoise is an excellent talisman for the Cancerians, helping them improve their current relationships and better express their thought regarding this subject. Also, turquoise balances the dynamic energies of the natives and determines them to be more stable, tempered and in better control of the afferent negative influences. It consolidates both business and personal relationships, having an effect on love life as well.

Crystal Horoscope: Healing Gemstones for Cancer Season

Turquoise requires periodic purifications under a stream of cold water, and during night, it can be held between bedrocks in order to recharge with energy. Nobody takes more care of those around than you. You are understanding and protective with everyone, especially those you care for. You are always ready to bring a bowl of soup or take care of a flower, sick friend or all the humanity. Things usually stick to you.

You cannot even give up on the people not so acquaint with you. You are friendly with everyone and love laughter.